Historic and Cultural Sites

Keo pagoda

Located in the heart of countryside, at Vu Nhat village (Vu Thu district), Keo pagoda is constructed by Duong Khong Lo, a Monk and famous doctor during Ly Dynasty. According to legend, Duong Khong Lo built Keo Pagoda between 1133 and 1154 with the name of a Monk and famous doctor in Ly Dynasty. After successfully cured King Ly Thanh Tong from a serious disease, he was honorably given the title of Quoc Su (Royal Teacher) and plenty of money and land to build the pagoda. People say that its architecture looks like a Japan temple. This pagoda of 17th century also well – known with the name Than Quang  (built in 1608), situated at the centre,18km from Nam Dinh, 22km from Thai Binh and 130km from Hanoi is the most beautiful & old temple of Vietnam.

Architecturally, Keo Pagoda is impressive to both domestic and foreign tourists who have chance to visit the pagoda at least once time. The pagoda stretches the area of 7,200 square meters, bordering the Red River. There are two passages which separate the pagoda and temple. They are decorated with curved roofs that join together at the 11.5 meter-iron wood bell tower. This iron wood bell tower has three stories, each of which possesses its own tiled roof and bronze bell. Up to now, Keo Pagoda has proudly preserved one of the few surviving sets of rod puppets in Vietnam.

It is said that Keo Pagoda is a home to a wealth of ancient relics which ranges from intricately engraved wooden dragons to a collection of over 100 statues. Here is also preserved many valuable antiques, such as a pair of candlesticks from the Mac Dynasty, some pottery ware and altars from the Le Dynasty, imperial boats, etc. It is surprising that all of them are kept intact as they were during the time of the Le Trung Hung Dynasty in 16th century.

The yearly festival is celebrated from 13th to 15th of the ninth lunar month, 100 days after the death of the Buddhist dignitary Duong Khong Lo. The festival features religious and traditional rituals and customs held in celebration of the Buddhist monk who rendered great merits to the people and the country. The festival also hosts different traditional cultural activities reflecting the life style, which is imbued with traits of the Red River Delta’s agricultural culture. Keo Temple Festival attracts hundreds of tourists in Vietnam travel every year.

Tran Pagoda

Located in the Nam Dinh province – is well known for its traditional cultures. It is the sacred land of the Viet people and the native land of the Tran Kings, national heroTran Hung Dao, the spirit of Tran Dynasty and well-known poet Tu Xuong. It’s also the land of interesting famous festivals such as Pho Minh, Co Le, Phu Day.

The Old temple of Tay Do Village

Behind the village on the edge of rice paddies, you will see a little temple of village in which the bungalows of Thai Binh garden are located. A little temple with a few informations you can find. If you ask the local people, they will say you that  this one is very old, probably sure more than a century! At the entrance, you will see the chinese inscriptions, the language of conquering dynasties of Vietnam and two proud dragons. Coming to this pagoda, with its great location, visitors feel as an incentive peaceful and serenesse.